About Us

In 1968, Larry Sr. and Bev Stephenson started out with a dream for their family. That dream grew into every family’s dream: “A swimming pool in your backyard.” So it began for Larry’s Pool & Spa. It wasn’t long before neighbors and friends stopped by to see the first in-ground pool in Traverse City.

Soon after, Don, Larry Jr., Teresa and Annette learned what it meant to be in business. While the kids were enjoying the family pool, they would need to jump out to serve the customers that drove into the family’s back yard for chemicals.

Then in 1979, the Stephenson family turned their backyard business into a full time commitment. Building pools opened the door for other outdoor fun. That is when they decided to sell spas and outdoor furniture and all the accessories to add to your summer fun list.

Again, the Stephenson family joined their folks in the business that started with them in mind. In 1981, Theresa and Annette came to sell furniture and clean pools. In 1983, Larry Jr. stepped into the business to help out with whatever Mom and Dad needed. He remembers at the age of twelve, learning the art of building pools at his Dad’s side. Back then it started with nothing more than a tractor and some determination.

As the years went on, Larry Sr. and Bev decided it was time to retire, so in 1995 they set plans to sell. That’s when Larry Jr. and his brother Don decided to take hold of the opportunity and continue with the family business. In 1997 the deal was completed and then the boys moved the business in 2001 to the current location at 1238 S. Garfield. Mom and Dad still stop in to see the customers who helped them start the business over 39 years ago.

Since Larry Jr. and Don have been the owners, their pool building expertise has been recognized in national publications such as Pool and Spa News, Hearth and Home and USA Today.

When Larry Sr. and Bev began Larry’s Pool and Spa their motto was, “We only sell fun.” You can still see that same family tradition whenever you walk through the door at Larry’s.

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